Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do You Have Little Girls?

Then I have to share my friend Teresa's new hair bow blog with you! It sure makes me want a little girl! She does awesome work! :) Brat Pack Bows Stop by and give her a holler!

As for me, I actually have LOTS of layouts to share, but they are all up at the store and I need to scan them! I actually scrapped during National Scrapbook Weekend. It was fun to hang out with the girls...I don't get to do that as often anymore with this "real" job lol.

I had a great Mother's Day weekend last weekend....My mom and Rusty came and hung out on Saturday and we cooked steaks on the grill. They brought Tate Yahtzee (did I spell that right?) and we've had to play it at least once a day ever since. He's actually really good at it! I got some money from Tate and Brian so I could buy more scrapbook stuff...just what I need! And it's already spent! hehe

We've also gotten a Wii since I last posted and that's been tons of fun! My favorite is the bowling...Tate loves Mario Cart...and well, Brian just plays what Tate wants to play and I think he enjoys it (even if he's not all that into video games!). I was able to get the Wii Fit with the package I scored off of Ebay, but it's still sitting in it's box, waiting for me to get some time to try it out...hopefully this weekend sometime. I want to have some time to see how it all works before I try to get myself in a routine with it.

I hope everyone's had a nice spring so would be better here without the constant rain...I need some sunshine! Have a great week! :)