Monday, August 11, 2008

I {heart} Brown!

Brown -- as in the UPS guy that is! Wanna see what he brought me today? Well, do ya?? I'm still in awe.........


Yes friends...that would be my new Canon EOS 40D Digital SLR! Talk about quite a change from my little Canon S2iS point & shoot...but I've been doing nothing but manual mode on my P&S for a while now, so I'm a little familiar with settings, but this thing has so many buttons and gadgets on it that it's a little overwhelming. I played with it a little while I was at work (needless to say that I didn't get much done today in the way of work!). It's been rainy out today, so I havn't got any good shots to share yet. I also got a great guide on my specific camera and I'm already several chapters in. It's helped a ton and seems to be a great book so far--very easy to understand and process!

I still don't know how I talked the hubs into letting me get this...and it was a lot easier than I even dreamed! Just a few promised favors... *snicker* I really figured he'd buy another cow or 2 with our extra money...but really, we have enough for the moment I think! Camera ----- Cow, Camera ---- Cow...hmm, easy choice!


  1. Wheee! Let me know how you like it. We are shopping for a DSLR now, too. I am starting the reseach now so I can have it picked out by Christmas. I got my pocket-sized Coolpix yesterday (knowing I wouldn't haul the big one with the diaper bag most of the time.)

  2. I love the new layouts! And the new look of your blog is adorable too!!!

  3. WHOA!! I thought I got lost coming here... but YEAH!! it's you!! I am green with envy over the camera... better watch out I might have to lift it when your not looking... oh like that will happen... you won't be able to keep your pretty little hands off it!! Well I loook forward to more...


  4. hee hee yummy goody .. aint it SUHWEEt .. well I have the NIkon but umm enjoy this beauty ..

    oh yah awesome scrappies you got over there ---->