Thursday, September 11, 2008

Getting Inspired

And it only took browsing through my email! I opened up my Scenic Route email newsletter this morning to see what kind of eye candy they would have for me this month...One of them linked to Lisa Dickinson so I made my way over there. Boy, was I in for a treat! Not only does she have some amazing layouts, but the reading is fabulous! I love good story tellers...maybe because I'm not always so great with words. I just wanted to share...if you havn't already been over there, you should check her out!

And how can you NOT be inspired when you are working on some fun challenges? I'm participating in an educational venture known as Nook U. It consists of core classes (mandatory challenges if you are in it for the big prize) and elective classes with some extra credit through in. It's a 4 week school, so I hope I can stick with it! Want to see what I've accomplished so far?

Core Class: Math 101 - using your supplies in multiples of 3.
I used:
3 photos
3 patterned papers
6 words for the title
18 letters/punctuation in the title
3 white edges (around the photos, around the artisan edge paper, and under the striped strip)
So Big for Blog Pictures, Images and Photos

Elective Class: Physical Education/Health - using some form of movement as your subject or something that actually moves on the layout.
Slide Fun for Blog Pictures, Images and Photos

Core Class: English - It had to be a layout about books/reading and you had to have a photo of yourself reading.
What else would I scrap about besides the Twilight series that took over my free nights this year?!
Photobucket Image Hosting

I still have one more core class to complete by Saturday and since we don't have much going on at the clinic today, I brought my scrappy stuff with me! Now if only it would quit raining long enough for me to get it all out of my car...the rain can really just go away now. It's been raining all week and with Ike on the move, it doesn't look like we'll be getting any relief any time soon.

Have a great week folks! :)


  1. AS always I love your layouts....those baby photos of yours are so did an awesome job....ALMOST makes me want to try for another baby...LOL!

  2. Love the new layouts, especially the one at my house. Can't wait to crop with you next month.

  3. Hey Brook!!! How are you? Loving the new photos!!
    Your work is SO fabulous! Oh, I wish I could scrap like that!!! Its so clean and simple and PERFECT!!!
    Wish I would have had time to do the Nook U thing. Grrr. Some day! :)
    ((HUGS)) girly!!!

  4. girl you are a riot! this is great! sorry I missed you this last weekend... i heard you were hiding out at teresa's... now she is going to have to share you... shame shame!! really though, we have to all get together soon... with this fall weather... have a cozy saturday afternoon and scrap and gab like mad women!! see you soon!


  5. I love your layouts! Cute use of your photos and great colors in the papers.

  6. Love the layouts Brook! I hope you dont mind if I scraplift the one with the slide?.. I have so many *stage* photos. This is the best layout Ive ever seen using them.
    Keep up the great work!

  7. The layouts are gorgeous! Particularly love the slide one :o) xxx

  8. book marked this thread, think I may give it a try too

  9. I love this layout, it rocks and I love the books, on my last one!